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Long known as the economic engine of the Coachella Valley, Indio and it's surrounding East Valley Neighbors are the center of the valley's agriculture business, emerging energy generation, health care and local support industries. As well, our city is the county seat of Riverside County and offers great access to education and a wealth of Family and Business Services. 

  1. A Business License will be required of every person, company, organization, partnership or corporation transacting business within the City of Indio. (I.C.C. 110.5)
  2. Every new business which has a fixed location within the City of Indio must pass inspection by the Fire Department, Planning and Building Department, Code Enforcement, and in the case of food and beverage handlers, the Riverside County Health Department.
  3. A permit from the Planning Department must be obtained before installing any temporary or permanent signs.

Sales or use tax may apply to your business activity. You may seek written advice regarding the application of tax to your particular business by writing to the California Board of Equalization at 35-900 Bob Hope Dr. Ste 280 Ranch Mirage CA 92270 or 760-770-4828.

Any person required to pay a Business License tax for transacting and/or carrying on any business within the City of Indio shall remain subject to the regulatory provisions of other sections of the Indio City Code, especially as they apply to Zoning, Land Use, Building regulations and Fire regulations.

All homeowners renting out property for more than 30 days at a time are required to obtain a business license and renew it annually. Depending on the number of long-term rental (LTR) properties owned, the license tax and application fees are charged as follow:

California Department of Forestry of Riverside County conducts fire and life safety inspections of all businesses on an annual basis. In addition, a safety inspection will be made as part of you Business License inspection.

The primary goal of this inspection program is to eliminate those hazards that may cause fires which could disrupt your business operations.

Inspections cover such areas as fire extinguishers, electrical safety, proper exiting and housekeeping practices. Some examples of business operations which require special handling are:

  • Automotive Repair Garages
  • Spray Painting Operations
  • Cabinet Shops and Woodworking
  • Upholstery Shops
  • Welding Shops
  • Businesses using, storing or manufacturing flammable liquids, chemicals, hazardous materials, or explosive materials.
  • Above Ground or Under Ground Storage Tanks.
  • Large Public Gatherings, such as shows, exhibits, sporting events, etc.

Our inspection personnel are available to assist you in fire safety matters, Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM.

Information should be given to the Indio Police Department, indicating an emergency contact person and their phone number. This will be used in the event of an after hours emergency at your place of business. (See “Alarm Permits” above)

Police Department administrative staff, Code Enforcement and patrol personnel are ready to assist you in any way possible.

Dial 911 for Paramedic Ambulance and Police Emergency Services

The City of Indio is Center Stage for the Coachella Valley. As the largest city in the valley with a population of over 90,000. Known as the “City of Festivals,”™ Indio’s art, cultural and music calendar brims with a dazzling array of special events and activities, drawing nearly 1.5 million visitors every year to experience Indio’s world-class attractions and amenities. Most notable is the world-renowned Coachella and Stagecoach Music Festivals.

Indio is an ideal city due to its high quality of life, great schools, and affordability. The City Council’s commitment has fostered tremendous growth and development interests in our city. The investment in long-range planning documents, infrastructure, and properties has sparked a renaissance of revitalization in Downtown and along the Highway 111 Corridor. The 2040 General Plan, Downtown Specific Plan, and Highway 111 Corridor Specific Plan have created a “blueprint” for new growth and investment. 

Ready to take your business Center Stage?

 Contact our Economic Development team today.  

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